Wallaby doesn't boot - black screen

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One of our Wallaby controllers stopped working today; I remember shutting it down the day before, and now only the red LED comes on. The battery is fully charged; have tried with other batteries (one that might have been dead causes the orange LED to flash, what does this mean?).

Is there a firmware flashing boot loader procedure for the wallaby? The only helpful resource I found online was the reset procedure for the KIPR Link, not the wallaby.

Any help would be appreciated!

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I am sorry to hear that that happened to your Wallaby. I have spent time repairing CBCs and Links, but not the Wallaby.
There are some recovery files on KIPR's Github that you can try. I haven't tried them, but I will do some experimenting and get back to you, if i find something that works.

Here is the link below.