Wifi Problems

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Jeremy Rand
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It's a grandfathered T-Mobile plan called "T-Zones" (from back before 3G existed). T-Mobile currently lets people with T-Zones get unlimited 4G with tethering. Apparently it works with LTE too, in the regions where T-Mobile is rolling out LTE service.

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Nice. My plan is ~$40 a month and it only has 256mb of 4g and unlimited 3g(everything else is unlimited) with no tethering, but if you turn off data it doesn't charge for data(at least it hasn't so far)

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I never had this prooblem. Even with teen webcam video chat non-stop my internet connecton is super stable as my arrousment. Check it out. Click on and see me on, pants off!

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Yeah, that is sucks. I just turn on the sexycuteteens.com and then wifi disconnected. Thought maybe it is because of the site I'm using but it was a provider! What an asshole. Why do people so pissed of when you are having fun and they don't?