AR-Drone Bottom Camera in combination with KIPR Link

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Long Wang
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Hello there!

This forum seems to be pretty inactive but I am going to post this here anyways.

There is a bug in the KIPR Link Firmware (tested in Version 2.2.1) which makes it impossible to access the AR-Drone's bottom camera from the UI (Although it is actually accessible in a self-written program). My guess is that the Camera program in the UI tries to access the size of the image through a function call of the AR-Drone library in libkovan which returns 0 even in a user program (you actually get a 640x360 image).

Oh yeah, on another sidenote: I was not able to access the depth sensor with my program in 2.2.1 (although I guess it's obsolete because I heard it isn't in the 2015 Botball kit but I just thought I could mention that aswell)

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