How do I fix The Brother printer that is not responding?

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When you connect a brother printer to the windows computer. It will always be active to print the documents. But sometimes, users can’t print the documents because of the incorrect username or password errors. If you don’t know how to get that fixed? Do not worry, here are the guide to fix it, you can apply it on your device.
• First of all, you need to check the connection between printer and windows pc. make sure that they are connected to each other. For a confirmation, you can disconnect them once and then reconnect it.
• Now go to the settings on the computer, here, you need to click on the printers and scanners. Now click on the brother printer and then click on the remove printer button. once you will remove the printer. you need to restart the computer and then re-add it again.
• Couple of times, Brother printer not responding error appears because of the outdated firmware issues. so you need to update the firmware with the help of brother printer software on your computer. after that, try to print something again
• Sometimes, a firewall or windows settings might be blocking the secure connection. that’s why Brother printer is not responding. So you need to power off the brother printer settings. now retry to access the printer using the valid printer settings.
• Let’s factory reset the printer and then reconfigure it back into the computer or network settings. It should be working fine now for you. in case, if it is still not responding to your device. you need to restore the windows computer as well, and then setup it from the scretch. Now it should start working fine for you now.
So these are the steps to fix the brother printer doses not respond. In case, if you need more help. you need to visit askpor blogs. There you will find the complete guide.

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