Best Android Apps to Have in 2018

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The year 2018 is known for introducing some of the greatest tips, discoveries, inventions and above all trends. Many new apps to get surfaced this year while others came up with updates that have improvised them to a whole new extent. You can do almost everything with apps. There are apps present for every little work and operation form advance level to the beginner goals. No matter who you are a professional or a fresher, everybody can find something for themselves on the App Store and Play Stores.
Now talking about Android apps there are many apps including Google Assistant, Nova Launcher and Swift key that facilitate different purposes and carter different services. Nova Launcher is known as the best launcher in the world of Android. The app offer tons of customization facilities. Among its facilities, it provides scrollable dock, folder, icon and lots of others facilities.
As far as Google Assistant is concerned. The app is based on artificial intelligence and provides services based on highly advanced techniques. It can help you get the information of whichever thing you ask the assistant.
Thirdly, the app Swiftkey is best recommended for designers and developers. The keyboard provides tons of fonts and information. It can help you find most appropriate fonts for your websites. Moreover, the keyboard has a dedicated GIF search section where you can find an appropriate GIF to use in your content. It is the app that I personally prefer.
As the technological world is progressing at a faster pace the developers at the android app development company in NYC carry out a comprehensive research to understand the target audience of the market before laying the foundation of tier apps this can help developers to generate more potential results.

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