Off-season activities

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I suggest that Botball fans start a local fall workshop & scrimmage. It will allow veteran teams to show off their knowledge and introduce new students to learn about robotics in a more relaxed format, possibly also making good use of their old kits as a fund raiser.

I'd start using the http// lessons for curriculum and workshop meetings to try out assignments and answer questions. Try meeting on a fixed day and time, after school, once per week for ~ 5 weeks. Then you can finish the workshops with a scrimmage and invite the community to participate, using last year's game table. Questions and comments that come up during the week can be handled online at the website via Comments, or directly via botball facebook site or email.

All you need is a meeting place with wifi, an adult mentor/coach, and a few parents to help with the scrimmage.

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There have been a lot of things said that students need a new projects that would create new and better conditions for their knowledge and in order to develop some additional skills. For example as domydissertation editor mentioned that.

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I agree with your opinion. Learning Robotics is important for making their skills in a high level. Lots of students already started to learn the things that is not in their lessons. As a working student in Mobile app development it is important to learn about robotics. It will help the application to be more effective.

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I think that students should be provided opportunity to take part in football matches. This will allow the committee to select skilled players from educational institutions.

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Terry, You give us a good idea. I thank you for it. I want to try it by myself. And after it, I want to recommend you visit also this forum. You will like it and you will learn more.