Plasmolifting PRP Practice in Orthopedics

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Plasmolifting PRP Practice in Orthopedics
PRP-therapy is a modern method of rejuvenation and improvement of skin quality, based on plasmolifting technology – the introduction of purified and cell–enriched plasma of the patient. In aesthetic medicine, the method is used not only to improve the skin of the face and body, but also to improve hair growth.
PRP injections trigger rejuvenation mechanisms, stimulate the production of collagen fibers. PRP injections improve the complexion, smooth the skin relief, successfully fight scarring, lighten and "revitalize" the skin. The technique has also proven itself in dermatological aspects.
Learn more about the PRP Orthopedics Course
The advantage of PRP-plasma therapy for rejuvenation is that the material used is always its own, autohomological, and allergic reactions to it are excluded.
PRP in cosmetology is suitable for almost everyone, because it provides a lot of skin improvements.
The PRP procedure has proven itself in the fight against:
acne, post-acne and other scars;
pigmented spots;
dry, flabby skin;
tired and unhealthy complexion;
creases, facial and structural wrinkles;
dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.
The PRP-plasmolifting procedure is widely used not only in cosmetology, but also in trichology, orthopedics and dentistry – there are indications in these areas, for example, inflamed joints and alopecia.
Plasmolifting PRP Practice in Orthopedics