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Hello everyone! I am Jasmine, but my Robotics friends call me Jazzy. I am a builder, and I don't know anything about programming...Yet! I have volunteered to do Documentation, and I know everyone sighs when they hear it, but I don't mind! I go to Palm Desert Charter Middle School, and Mr. Clark is our amazing teacher, though I think of him as a coach. We got some amazing donors, and we just got moved into our NEW ROBOTICS LAB!!!! As much as I want to brag, I know we are very fortunate to have this lab, and other classes don't so I feel lucky. I enjoy building robots with my "robot secong family". Outside of school I draw DRAW DRAW; I love being creative and artistic! When I am bored, I like to sew plushes. I am quite skilled at it, all thanks to Mrs. Runyan who made me so great at it! Lastly, I LOVE PLAYING VIDEO GAMES!!!! Old school games are my favorite. I have 7 chinchillas, and some might ask what is a chinchilla, but I say, LOOK IT UP. Two baby girls were just recently born two weeks ago, and they are the cutest! I am a fearless, funny, outgoing person, and I work well with everyone. I love everyone in my class because they all help me, are kind to me, and I think of them as a second family. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!
That's me!


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Awww :D. Thanks Jazzy!!! SO happy to have you in Robotics and you are the boss at documenting!!!



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Seriously i am felling so lucky guys and i love my best friend who told me about backgammon online free game website ,Thanks a lot my friend