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Hello BotBallers!
Our names are Hannah, Ollie and Ella, we are 14 and are actually living in the UK, not Southern California (although Ella was born in LA). Let us tell you a story.

Ok, so a few months ago our team entered a national competition, however we were the only team that entered, so we 'won' by default. Depressing? I agree. Embarrassing? Absolutely. That, my fellow BotBallers, is why one day we would like to take part in large scale competitions - in America!

This is just a little bit about us, but we will be posting (hopefully) every Wednesday.

tae yalllll

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Hey guys, I do really hope that I will get aquainted with a lot of you and I am really waiting to read new fascinating stories and tell you later on mine.
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Great post thanks for sharing

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Excellent post. Thank you very much!!