Matthew Salfer-Hobbs

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I'm finally getting around to doing this after about a year and a half..

Hello there, I'm Matthew Salfer-Hobbs! I was a team member for all four years of my high school career at Fletcher, part of the Florida region! I both build and program. Also, I design some interesting projects with my buddy, Nick Karnes.

Both of us intend to form a new KIPR open team this year! I look forward to more years of competition and camaraderie!

Matt Salfer-Hobbs
Fletcher Robotics (2009-2013)
-builder (2009-2013) -programmer (2010-2013) -lead programmer and co-captain (2011-2013)

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Hi Matt, have fun at KIPR!

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Yah have fun

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Hi, Uzair, nice to meet you. Don't be ashamed of your skills in programming and etc, we all started somewhere. And, besides, answering questions is what the forum is about and helping each other is part of the botball spirit. So if you need help, don't be afraid to ask. I hope you have a great experience using the forum.

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Hello, Matthew Salfer-Hobbs! Nice to see you here. Have fun here. BY the way, I am also from Florida.

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Have fun!