Not Able to Play Games in AOL Gold

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You need to take care of the following considerations if at any point of the day, the AOL Gold software causes errors in loading the games and you are not able to play it on the browser. It may happen that while you are playing the games, the software suddenly crashes or freezes in between. To take care of this issue and to make sure that it doesn’t repeat in the future process, you need to make the following changes or recommendations:

•Update the web browser that you generally use.
•Try opening the games on on a different browser other than your default on.
•Install the upgraded version of Adobe flash player in the system.
•Install java plugin if you are using Internet Explorer
•You need to reset the web settings
•After the changes have been done, save them and restart the device.

It is highly recommended that you update the AOL desktop gold software and always install it by ensuring and verifying the system requirements.

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