Older Brother of 8th Grader in Beginning Robotics

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Hello All,

I am a recent college graduate with basic programming experience. My little sister, an 8th grader, just started Intro to Robotics and is learning KISS-C. I thought I'd make an account here and start teaching her a bit more than what she's learning in school, such as for loops, if/then statements, etc.

The first step is downloading and using the simulator, which I've already had trouble with (please see my other post for details :))!!!

I hope to learn much along with her. Thank you in advance for putting up with the many novice questions I'll be posting.


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Hi, Uzair, nice to meet you. Don't be ashamed of your skills in programming and etc, we all started somewhere. And, besides, answering questions is what the forum is about and helping each other is part of the botball spirit. So if you need help, don't be afraid to ask. I hope you have a great experience using the forum.

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Yes, it is nothing to be ashamed of! Robotics is a difficult thing to understand. I recently got in the robotics program as well . It is very confusing at the beginning, but it slowly clears up!

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Welcome to the community! Botball hasn't used the handyboard for about 8-9 years, but we will try to answer any questions you have.


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Nice to meet you!