11 Day Powerplay Coming Up at Harborcenter

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Howdy y'all!I've been a bit more active lately, and I wanted to post about something that's coming up soon that isn't necessarily Sabres related.My name is Sam Rotella. I'm an engineer at one of the bigger local companies in the Buffalo area https://www.buffalofanstoreonline.com/Jean_sebastien_Dea_Pillow_Cover-164... and maybe some of you are co-workers of mine.If you live in Buffalo and listen to the radio at all, you've been inundated with ads about the 11 Day Powerplay being played from July 5-15th.For those of you that don't know what the 11 Day Powerplay is, it's an 11 day long hockey game that is played around the clock in an effort to support immunotherapy research at Roswell park, along with helping Camp Good Days and the Make-A-Wish foundation with their yearly funding.Shifts are played in 3 hour increments this year for teams, and after doing one 4 hour shift last year I've decided to up my personal torture to play two 3 hour shifts this year: one for work, and then one with a bunch of the guys I play beer league with (and for the record, we're awful.Like, so awful that if you put Mezaros and Weber against us they'd look like Gretzky and Lemieux out there).Everyone's been touched by cancer in some way or another. For me personally, my mother and both her parents, and my future father in law have all survived cancer, and I've lost an uncle to brain cancer. My fiance also happens to work as a floor nurse at Roswell Park https://www.buffalofanstoreonline.com/Pat_Lafontaine_T_shirt-10... I don't know how she does it, but she's probably the strongest person I know.I'm not sitting here begging for donations from anyone, because lets be real: Y'all don't know me, and I don't know you (except I know geodude still sucks).I've posted about this event before, and since then I've help raise $725 for this event.Which by the way, thank you again Kallinan for you generous donation!The offer still stands for me to write the name of whoever you'd like on my helmet.If any of y'all would be willing to donate to the 11 Day Power Play, the donation link for my donation page is at the bottom of this fan post https://www.buffalofanstoreonline.com/Tobias_Rieder_Hoodie-87. These donations not only are tax-deductible (save those receipts for next year's tax returns!), but also they go directly to the foundation. So you don't have to worry about whether I'm touching it or not https://www.buffalofanstoreonline.com/Mattias_Samuelsson_T_shirt-258.Last year I when I played for my work's team, I was able to raise a little over $500. This year I'm trying to raise about $1,100, and I'm almost at that goal. I'd like to bring back this year something I did last year: For everyone who donated in honor of someone, I wrote that someone's name on my helmet. I thought it was a good way to help include those that have battled cancer and may or may not still be with us.Unfortunately, my fiance and mine's family have had a few more names to add to the helmet that there were last year.As it gets closer, I'd be more than happy to chronicle the day of going on's of the 11 Day Power Play.As I mentioned in my previous post about this event, I would be posting when my shifts would be Riley Sheahan Hoodie.Sam's work shift:July 8th from 9am-noonSam's Beer League Buddies:July 11th from 6-9am (nice)All are welcome to come laugh at how bad we suck at hockey https://www.buffalofanstoreonline.com/Tobias_Rieder_Pillow_Cover-224.If anyone has any questions, by all means feel free to ask and I'll try to answer to the best of my abilities!Thanks for taking the time to read this post. If you'd like to donate, click the link below, and then the "donate" button:Sam Rotella's 11 Day Powerplay Donation PageText of the link in case the link doesn't work: https://11daypowerplay.z2systems.com/np/clients/11daypowerplay/campaign.... this year's 11 Day Powerplay break last year's total of $1.28 million?100%Yes (11 votes)0%No (0 votes)11 votes total

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