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Christmas lights (also referred to as fairy lights) are lights utilized for decoration in celebration of Christmas, often on display all with the Christmas period which includes Introduction and Christmastide. The personalized goes back once again to when Christmas trees happen to be adorned with candles, which symbolized Christ turning into the light within the planet;these happen to be brought by Christians into their qualities in early modern day Germany.

Christmas trees shown publicly and illuminated with electrical lights turned well-known in the early twentieth century. Through the mid-20th century, it became customary to show strings of electrical lights alongside streets and on buildings; Christmas decorations detached from the Christmas tree itself. During the U.s., it turned well known to stipulate non-public residences with these kinds of indoor christmas projector in tract housing commencing inside the 1960s. By the late twentieth century, the custom made experienced also been adopted in other nations, which include outside the Western planet, notably in Japan and Hong Kong. All through Christendom, Christmas lights continue on to keep their symbolism of Jesus as being the light from the earth.

In many nations around the world, Christmas lights, too as other Christmas decorations, are usually erected on or about the main working day of Introduction.During the Western Christian globe, the 2 traditional times when Christmas lights are eliminated are Twelfth Night and Candlemas, the latter of which ends the Christmas-Epiphany year in a few denominations.Leaving the decorations up further than Candlemas is traditionally deemed for being inauspicious.