Best shampoo for dermatitis

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Otherwise their stigma may lead to mental problems.

Reasons for Pale Skin - At a Glance

traditional beauty ideals in Africa and Asia, formerly in Europe
Removal of cosmetic disorders on the skin image
mental stress due to stigma

Methods for skin bleaching

Skin lightening cream: A light concentration of substances that prevent melanin development ensure a slight skin lightening. These creams usually do not work permanently but are like cosmetic products best shampoo for dermatitis. Cover-pin: The make-up technique Camouflage covers disruptive skin parts with a strong make-up. There are different colors for the appropriate or desired color of the skin

Acid treatment: In this treatment, the uppermost skin layer is removed with glycolic acid. Also popular is the kojic acid from Japan. In Germany there are currently only a few approved substances for skin bleaching treatment of seborrheic dermatitis. These include Tretinoin. Relatively new on the market is the active ingredient Rucinol from Japan. This is specifically an inhibitor which acts against melanin synthesis. This does not lead to skin discoloration. Acid peels must be performed by professional skin specialists.

Lifestyle: By a healthy and balanced lifestyle with good nutrition, no drugs and a lot of movement, the skin can be well circulated and smooth and smooth. Sun protection: A strong or suitably adapted sun protection best prevents a darker skin.

Skin peeling: A light, natural skin peeling is ideal to remove darker and older upper skin layers, so as to leave new, bright layers behind.

Hautschälung: Another possibility is the physical, careful peeling of unsightly upper skin layers. Here a small diamond grinder is used, the dropping skin claws are sucked off directly cure seborrheic dermatitis. The treatment must be accompanied by an experienced physician. Home remedies: aloe vera, potatoes or lemons contain natural acids and vitamin C which have a good effect on the skin whitening.