Black-blade lightsaber

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The Darksaber is an action-laden black-blade lightsaber. Its blade is shorter and resembles a traditional sword. The profile is reminiscent of a typical saber for dueling. The Mandolarian pommel, slit blade, and round guard, all make the look amazing. This single-bladed lightsaber has been affiliated with Jedi Order House Vizsla, Clan Wren, and Death Watch. Torre VizslaPre Vizsla, Maul, Kanan Jarrus, and Sabine Wren have been its owners in Star Wars. To your utmost surprise, the Darksaber is also up for grabs in our designated portal. Let’s see the top three picks. Neopixel Lightsabers are the most go-to option thanks to the strong metallic build, polycarbonate blade, and combination of electronics that lighten up with every clash. The combination with the soundboard makes the dueling experience amazingly pleasing. A ditto copy of Star Wars Mission!