Brain-machine implant gives rats a 'sixth sense': the ability to detect infrared light (via The Verge)

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Meanwhile, Botballers who actually like rats may prefer this type of career path.

By the way, there are way more than 5 senses.

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How is that great? That's animal torture! And I don't think any human would like some piece of metal be implanted into their brain. Then why do it to a poor animal??
I just don't get how researchers for so called 'greater good' are hurting animals. For example, these researchers are talking about possibility of curing paralyzed lower part of the body. This was tested on rats and it seems to work but before testing it on rats they should have made them paralyzed and only then treat them. Why not just start testing on human??

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This is a more informative article.The research of scientists at Duke university in north carolina is successful.It give rats a sixth sense,that is ability to detect the infrared light.In the lab rats were wired with brain machine.This is the first time in which a neuroprosthetic device was used to function.This is helpful to humans,who have lost their capabilities.