Color blindness and its signs

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Color blindness, also known as dyschromia, is one of the eye diseases that causes patients to be able to see things around them but cannot distinguish their colors, so it will be difficult. at work and in daily life.
Signs of color blindness
In each different patient, the symptoms of color blindness will be different, some people will have severe symptoms, and some people will have mild symptoms. However, they all have one thing in common: they can't clearly distinguish colors or experience confusion when identifying color types between:
Utensils and objects in red or green color
Utensils, objects are green or blue.
Can't recognize any of the colors.
Children show signs of color blindness when:
Often using the wrong color when drawing
Having trouble distinguishing colors or utensils with different colors
In low light, it is difficult to distinguish colors.
Have sensitivity to light
With colorful pages that are often unreadable.
Children often complain of headaches and eye pain when looking at red objects on a green background, and vice versa.
Children are not interested in counting objects with different colors or do not want to color in different colors.
An easy way to spot it early is to take an online color blind test. The application is easy to use and gives relatively accurate results.

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Having color blindness can be a difficult condition to live with, as it can have a serious impact on the way we adult night care services experience the world around us. Those with color blindness may experience difficulty distinguishing between certain colors, or may even be unable to differentiate between colors entirely. Recognizing the signs of color blindness can help individuals to better manage the condition.