Darth Revan Lightsaber

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Darth Revan had a variety of lightsaber at different points in his turbulent life, depending on his switching faithfulness together with his own improvement. Sith Lord- Darth Revan built his Empire by fighting the ancient Republic. He was a great and powerful character in the Star Wars.
The legendary Jedi General Revan’s lightsaber was his personal weapon. Raven was adept at using a lightsaber in combat. Revan for the most part of his life used one lightsaber, but as Darth Revan, he wielded two: his original purple one and his crimson Sith one. He obtained a red-bladed lightsaber to use with his violet-bladed weapon, as well as has ability to call two other lightsabers via telekinesis — his original purple-bladed lightsaber in addition to a blue-colored lightsaber. Despite his terrible history, Revan is regarded as one of the greatest Jedi of all time in addition to one of the most chill Sith lords ever.