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The trajectory model is a nursing model used to assess the stage of a person’s illness. It explains the course of the disease over a period with the specific actions that a patient takes regarding the condition. It also incorporates the family and the health care provider to shape the course of the illness. The stage of the disease trajectory of the 79-year old woman should be identified during nursing intervention.

The 79-year-old woman fits in the trajectory onset phase. According to Corbin and Strauss (2013), the trajectory onset phase is characterized by the first onset of signs and symptoms that are recognized by the patient and may include the diagnostic period. In the model, the woman initially had a good health, however, suffered from the persistent nagging cough. She suspects a chronic illness though is not sure whether it may affect her life quality.

The nurse will help in providing professional care. Following the patient's verbalization of reluctance in seeking help due to good health, the nurse ought to explain the process to the 79-year-old woman. It is important to identify the problems and establish goals to improve the condition (Murray, Kendall, Boyd, & Sheikh, 2005). The nurse will help the woman create plans to meet the goals such as reducing the number of coughs to meet the treatment goal. Besides, it is prudent to identify factors either facilitating or hindering the attainment of goals. Finally, the nurse aids in implementing and evaluating the interventions. In all these, the her aim is improving the person’s mental, emotional, and social well-being.

In conclusion, the illness trajectory is of significance when the patient’s perspective is put into consideration. It is a management tool in providing care. The 79-year-old woman is in the trajectory onset phase because of good health, and she fears any compromise in the event of seeking medical attention. The nurse’s role is to help the patient set goals and plan how to achieve them. The trajectory is a patient empowerment tool in the illness course.
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