Eye Catching Presentation is everything

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For an ideal presentation, there is an ideal preparation, which is deeply about one hour of presentation will likely to be giving 1 minute of good presentation, presentation aren't about the presenter, they are about the audience, the watchers, then there is always needed to be that a good presenter always cares and focuses on the audience and the people to whom he will deliver his work, he doesn't think about how will be looking, how good or bad it seems to come up the stage or rostrum, how to face dozens or hundreds of people, than there come a point that the main goal or objective of an effective presentation is to impress rather than inform.. from this thread I'm communicating to all the business professionals, sale persons, marketing executives, CEOs, MDs and directors of organizations, political leaders and even students of school, high schools and universities that you need to know these basics of delivering a good presentation, you need to know it very well that how to win the thoughts of hundreds of people that at that moments have their keen eyes on you.. you have to face them with your presentation skills.. Because our work is the presentation of our abilities and capabilities.
It doesn't matter either you can design a good presentation or not, you can errand someone to design your presentation or you can hire some PowerPoint Design Agency for your presentation making, but remember, Leadership is about persuasion, presentation, and people's skills. if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

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I was wondering how to learn to do great presentations. When i was reading some articles about ecology i discovered such problem as global warming. I’m studying Philology but it doesn’t matter what are you learning because all people should know what problems our planet have. So i’ve made some presentation in university for all students to know what it is and what we can do prevent it but i asked for help https://pro-papers.com/ecology-writing-service . I do care about our planet and i'm happy that not only me.