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your welcome

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Brandon, mean coaches are the best coaches. Think if a Drill Sergeant was nice. Americans' army/other forces wouldn't be nearly as powerful as we are right now. But if he is cheating, don't mess around. Tell the league. They will get the man fired and you will get a new coach. I used to all ways love a mean coach, it means that he will not be afraid to push you guys.

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I would talk to the league commisioner or president, he could do something about it. That has happened several times in soccer but sometimes the coach is the commisioner so we just had to deal with it. I guess you could either stop playing and join another league or tell someone who could do something about it.

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Yes, the Darksider hasn't found this page yet(Harrison Cassar). So, let me say this... Guys, please stop spamming. The repetitive use of the phrase: Thank you 3 times is and can be considered spamming. Also, Chad, you could have included all of these things in just one post. So, please stop it.