hair loss from seborrheic dermatitis

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In our latitudes, a light skin tan is the expression of a successful lifestyle. Many people are pushing it into the sun studio. But in the southern or eastern parts of the world, the proverb becomes clear: other countries, different customs! In Africa or Asia, a skin as pale as possible is considered desirable. Especially in these countries there are hair loss from seborrheic dermatitis various methods for bleaching the skin. For purely cosmetic purposes the skin is lightened there. We highlight in our blog, where the cult comes to pale skin, which treatment possibilities of the skin exist and how the skin bleaching in our homeland can be meaningfully implemented.

Reasons for skin pallor

Historically a bright skin was considered a very long time as a perfect appearance. The "splendid pallor" finally indicated that the pale man could indulge a life without strenuous work in the outer space. Peasants and other workers were regarded as socially low with their sun-tanned skin. Not infrequently, a particularly white powder was used to emphasize the effect of pallor.

While this view has been completely reversed in the West, that is treatment of seborrheic keratosis, in our latitudes, the traditional way of thinking is still present in world parts such as Africa or Asia. On top of this is the striking beauty side of a more European look.

For this reason, significantly more sales are made with skin bleaching agents than with products for skin tanning. Probably the best known example of a performed skin bleaching was the pop singer Michael Jackson. Supposedly a skin disease (spots of the Vitoligo type) forced him to the drastic measure.

With us, a brown skin shows that the respective person financial means and the time finds his free time to spend outside or in far countries.
In some cases, however, the skin may be brightened for cosmetic reasons hair loss from seborrheic dermatitis. In this way pigment spots, moles, or the anus (so-called anal bleaching) can be significantly bleached in its skin color. Even an irregular complexion could be managed. In cases of scars or burns in patients, it can be quite useful to put on a bleaching of the skin.