Happy Halloween!

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Harrison Cassar
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Hi everybody! Happy Halloween to all of those who celebrate Halloween! For those of you who do, I wanted to post a thread topic about what you are/was for Halloween this year and in the past (if you go trick or treating still or not). If you can, post a list similar to mine and list all of the things that you were/are from as far back as you can remember.
I look forward to seeing those lists!

My costume: (I have a twin, Parker Cassar, so some of them might be buddy partners
0 2/3 years: Big Pumpkins Twins
1 2/3 years: Little Monsters (from Monsters Inc.)
2 2/3 years: Bug Boys
3 2/3 years: Twin Cowboys
4 2/3 years: Firemen Twins
5 2/3 years: Surfer Twins
6 2/3 years: Harry Potter (I have a scar right where he has his... plus Harry is a nickname for Harrison... what a concidence)
7 2/3 years: Anakin Skywalker
8 2/3 years: Batman
9 2/3 years: Businessman (my brother was Buttered toast.... *facepalm*)
10 2/3 years: Bacon & Eggs w/ my brother (I was bacon)
11 2/3 years: Cheerleader w/ my twin and my friend (who is also in Botball)
12 2/3 years: 1-Minute Football Player Costume (1-minute to put together... :D )
Today --> 13 2/3 years: 1-Minute Football Player Costume (again)

Whew.... it took me a long time to pull out those old photos and see what I was.

Thank you for all those who respond!

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Wow, you are such a cute person, ha. Always the twin thing, except these two years. Anyway, happy Halloween and have a great trick or treating time. (If you go trick or treating) :)

Ben jamin'
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Oh my god that is awesome! I have not been able to get a costume every year, because my family is struggling with money recently. Unfortunately I have not been able to do to much. Although I do not let that bring me down! Have a great Halloween!