HBO Go And HBO Now.

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"HBO Go is HBO on the internet," says Warner's website and was released in February 2010. It was initially targeted at HBO subscribers (who bought the channel through some cable company). It allows you to watch the same on-demand channel videos, including series, movies, specials and sporting events via the HBO website, or mobile apps, video game consoles, and digital players.

For those who have HBO in NET, Hi, Sky, Vivo and etc. packages, access to streaming is available at no additional cost. Recently, it became possible to sign even without being a pay-tv customer - with accounts on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) or Android.

HBOGO Activate Roku | HBO Go Roku | HBO Go Comcast

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And anyway it's not enough information about such the great service. So for those who are interested, you can Click Here and discover all the features including main pros and cons.