How to clear safari history on mac

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When you roam in the world of internet, your web browser remembers every webpage you have ever visited. However, in the case of using Incognito Mode/Private Browsing, the browser doesn’t memorize the pages you visit. The websites you visit then start showing up in the autofill Google search forms when you search for them. Also, they appear highlighted in violet color in the search results. The web browsers also keep the info about when you have visited these pages. So the browsing history can be very helpful when you need to visit a useful site you visited a month ago but don’t remember its name or address. One more advantage is that the heavy websites can load faster when they are present in your history.

Why Should You Clear History on Mac?
This is completely your personal decision. There can be varying reasons for why should you clear history on Mac. The reason could be anything- from a matter of privacy, professional habit, confidentiality of data, paranoia, to acquiring a general pleasure in having things cleared up. If leaving no traces wherever you go is one of your qualities, then you should know how to clear history on Mac.

How to Clear History on Mac?
Clearing the internet browsing history on Mac is very simple.

The process doesn’t even take much time, just a couple of minutes. Doesn’t matter if you are using Safari, Chrome or even Firefox. Here is the step-wise procedure of how to clear browsing history on Mac in different browsers.

1. Clear Web History on Mac In Safari
Follow these steps in order to clear browsing history on Mac when you are habitual to using the Safari browser:

Step-1: Firstly, launch the Safari browser on your Mac.

Step-2: Now click on the History tab present in the top menu.

Step-3: Next, choose the “Clear History and Website Data…” option.

Step-4: Select the time range of the history that you want to clear. Or, you can just select “All history.”

Step-5: Finally, click on Clear History.

That’s it. This way you can delete the history anytime in the Safari browser.

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