How Do I Mount My Camera To Take Paper Animation Frames?

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I work as a visual artist (painting, drawing, and photography) for a company that provides animated video services, and I've recently developed an interest in animation that combines found objects and materials with hand-drawn art on paper or other similar material. Having a quick, effective workflow is essential because there are many, many individual frames to photograph because I'm aiming for 24 frames per second in the finished product.

I'm currently finding that fiddling with the camera, which is usually a Nikon Z7, takes up the most time. I need a rig to mount the camera in or on so that it is centered over the artwork, looking straight down on my work table from above, high enough to be out of the way, and stable enough to prevent registration issues between frames when the shutter is depressed. On Amazon Marketing Services, I've seen items for recording hand-drawn animation, but they're for cell phones and seem awfully flimsy.

I appreciate it.