How do I register QuickBooks on my desktop?

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Have you finished installing QuickBooks Desktop software and are now seeking a quick guide to apprise you of the activation and registration process? It is pertinent to bear in mind that as a QuickBooks Desktop user, you cannot run this software without activating it.

This article will acquaint you with the steps to register and activate QuickBooks Desktop through the Intuit account. All you need to do is follow the article till the very end.

Here are the steps to register QuickBooks at Intuit.
• Launch the QuickBooks Desktop software.
• From the 'Help' menu, choose the 'Register QuickBooks' option.
• Choose 'Begin Registration.'
• You must sign up by choosing the Sign up option.
• Provide your email address, user ID, and password.
• Once you enter all your credentials, double-check the same for any omission(s).
• Providing your firm name and answering the security question.
• Subsequently, choose 'Next.'
• Then, hit the 'Create a new Business Profile' option.
• After that, choose 'Next.'
• Fill in all of the requisite information asked for and then chose 'Next.'
• To finish your registration, enter your validation code and click on 'Finish.'