How To Do A Low Driven Shot In FIFA 23

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FIFA 23 has many upgrades and improvements. Included in that are the controls for many of the skill shots. If you’ve played these games before, then you’ll discover that the control for Low Driven shots is different now in FIFA 23. This is a strike at a goal kicked low but with power, which can often give you an easy score. So in this article, we will show you how to execute the Low Driven Shot.

In the past, players have had to hold the shoulder buttons on their controller (LB + RB on Xbox and L1 + R1 on PlayStation) while holding B/ Circle (the shoot button). Your player would then drive a shot low across the ground and, ideally, into one of the corners, making it incredibly hard for the goalkeeper to save it.

Now to perform a low-driven shot, you’ll need to power up your shot by pressing and holding B/ Circle to between 20 and 30 percent on your power bar. Release the shoot button and fire off a low and fast shot at the goal. a

Getting the amount of power right will take a little more skill and practice than pressing and holding the shoulder buttons as in the previous year. If you don’t have enough power, the shot will be far too weak and easy for the keeper to save. More powerful shots will rise off the ground, potentially sailing straight into the keeper’s gloves. So, power up your shot as per usual and time your release. This makes the shot far more skill-based than before, as you’ll probably go through some trial and error.

The best time to use low-driven shots in FIFA 23 is when you are inside the opponent’s box, as the keeper will struggle to react quickly enough. Last, make sure the stats with your scoring character are high enough that they can perform with such skills. Also, ensure you’re moving at a good pace rather than too slow.

And there you have it, that’s how you do the Low Driven Shot in FIFA 23. If you want to know more other guides to help you win matches in FIFA 23, please follow! What’s more, you can buy fut coins fifa 23 here, which are cheap and safe!