How to get rid of Q.B. Payroll Setup Error Code 00000 XXXXX?

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Proceed with the below-mentioned procedure to cut the roots of the Q.B. Payroll Setup Error Code:

Method 1: Follow the steps below:

• Click on 'View Report.'
• Access the details associated with the error.
• Open the 'ReportHeader.xml' file in the, I.E. browser.
• Right-click the file and open the file using the, I.E. browser.
• Once opened, press the hotkey 'Ctrl + F' and search for 'Exception String 0'.
• In the report, the statement associated with 'Exception String 0' lets you know about the source of this error.
• Make adequate changes to fix the error.
• Check if the error code(s) got resolved.
• The steps mentioned above should solve the error. If not, follow the following method.

Method 2: Rename one of the 'Vendors.'

• Follow the steps below to rename one of the Vendors:
• Choose 'Vendors' and then go for 'Vendor Center.'
• Select the Vendor which is a source of the error code.
• You can see the same Vendor listed twice.
• Rename one of the vendors.
• Check if the error got resolved. If not, jump to the following method.

Method 3: Remove any duplicate name of the employee

You are required to follow the below-mentioned steps to delete any identical names of the employee.

• Open'Employees.'
• Head to 'Employee Center.'
• Choose the 'All Employees' option, including any inactive employees.
• Right-click any duplicate name(s).
• Click on 'Delete Employee.'
• Check if the Payroll QuickBooks Error Code 00000 XXXXX got resolved successfully. If not, you need not panic. Just navigate to the following method.

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