How Student Cope Their University Task On Time?

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University life is so awesome because in this period we meet some new people those afterward turn into our long term best friends as well we enter into professionalism world and each day get something challenging and most surprising. But on the other side continuous viva’s, regular class with no breaks, quizzes, lab file submission task final preparation of exams turn student life into darkness and they are mentally retarded by this hectic routine their problems double as well as usual teacher don’t late to disturb them by putting responsibility on them to cover essay assigned task on time that’s why student go with cheap reliable essay writing service UK on given time period these burden’s vain all their excitements even they aren’t able to give proper time to their social activities.

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In How to Disappear: Notes on Invisibility in a Time of Transparency, essayist Akiko Busch offers a wide-ranging meditation on what it means to disappear. “Invisibility can mean one thing and then the opposite,” she writes in the introduction. “It enables and denies. It has become a loaded idea.” The essays in this collection, with their divergent focuses on nature, technology, identity, creativity and popular culture, beautifully unpack the concept of visibility.

To be seen is foundational to being known, yet humans have devised a stunning array of strategies for hiding in plain sight. Such strategies seem to take a cue from the natural world, which Busch writes about with clarity and precision. Her examples range from the immediately relatable, such as the sounds and sights of a New England forest or a houseplant that appears to be a stone, to the more unusual, such as her observations while scuba diving in the Caribbean. Camouflage, subterfuge and misdirection all animate her examples. Like animals and plants, humans have invented ways to maneuver “our way in and out of one another’s sightlines.”

Meanwhile, closer to our living rooms, we grow increasingly familiar with being constantly surveilled. Traditional conceptions of privacy erode as Big Data renders the minutiae of daily life visible in ways difficult to fully comprehend. Perfectly phrased status updates, photos circulated to hundreds in a single click and increased communication have led to a culture of performance and a pervasive (exhausting) awareness of how we present ourselves. Busch offers a timely and thoughtful exploration of visibility in our current moment. To be seen or to disappear is political, technological and psychological. It impacts how we move through the world and how we occasionally try, like living things always have, to hide. To play the amazing game run 3, player have to run and jump to pass different levels of obstacles. People remember this game as a game everyone play at school. Good luck and have fun guys!

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