HP Envy 4520 Offline

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HP Envy Printers – Printer is Offline (Windows)
This document is for all HP Envy printers and computers with Windows.
A status message of offline or HP Envy printer offline displays on the computer, and the printer does not print.
hp envy 4520 offline

Step 1: Use HP Envy offline tool to check connectivity

If you have Windows 10 or 8, download a special version of HP Envy wireless Printer offline tool specifically created to help with printer offline conditions. Skip to the next step if your computer does not have Windows 10 or 8.
Download HP Print and Scan Doctor.
Run HPPSdr.exe from the download location on your computer.
Once HP Envy printer offline tool opens, click Start, and then select your printer.
If your printer in not in the list, turn it off and on, and then click Retry.
Next if there is a connection problem, follow the instructions in HP Envy Printer offline tool.
If a screen displays prompting to turn on printer updates, click Yes and continue.
If a screen displays prompting to make your printer the default printer, click Yes and continue.
In Case the printer goes offline again, then continue to the next step.
hp envy 4520 offline
Step 2: Reset the print environment

Resetting your printing environment can restore the connection to the printer and the device yo are printing from.
Turn the printer off, wait about 10 seconds, and then disconnect the printer power cord from the printer.
Turn off the computer or device that you are trying to print from.
Connect the printer power cord to the printer, and then turn on the printer if it does not automatically power on.
If your printer uses a wireless connection, restart the router.
Disconnect the power cord from your wireless router.
Internet service is interrupted while the router is not in service.
Wait 10 seconds, and then reconnect the power cord to the router.
Wait for the router’s network activity light to become active.
Press the wireless button or wireless control panel icon on the printer to turn the wireless connection off, and then on.
Wait for the printer to reconnect to your router.
Turn on the computer.
Reconnect the power cord to the rear of the printer.
Try to print.
hp envy 4520 offline

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