Kiss FM Radio Stations

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Kiss FM is one of the best radio stations in the world. It is a dance music station that plays various kinds of music including hip hop, dnb and dubstep. The station can be heard on several platforms. This includes the radio, online, TV and Sky.

Kiss FM is owned by ANT1 Group. They also have stations in Finland and Norway. In addition to radio, Kiss FM also has a live event. These events are hosted in the UK and abroad. You can find information on the live events by checking the Kiss FM website.

Kiss FM started out as a pirate radio station. It was founded by Gordon "Mac" McNamee. Eventually, it was purchased by a Belgian radio network. During this time, Kiss FM changed to a legal radio station.

Kiss-FM became the top-rated station in New York City in the summer of 1984. It became the first station to play hip-hop on the primetime airwaves. Later, it changed its programming to a more classic soul and R&B style.

Kiss-FM was a rival station to WBLS-FM 107.5, another adult urban contemporary station. Both stations provided news, talk shows, and classic soul and R&B for almost three decades. However, they are merging next week. Like the Yankees and Mets, they will become a single station.

Until then, the station will be simulcasting with WBLS. Kiss-FM presenters will move to the roster of hosts on WBLS. For the next few days, both stations will air tributes to the legacy of Kiss. On Monday, they will both change to their new format.