Ministers are Accused of Moving Back from Education Manifesto

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Critics are criticizing government of retreating from its own manifesto and its promises on education. Labour’s Angela Rayner’s accusations have come when ministers said they are working fully on plan of scrapping free lunches and are introducing free breakfasts in place of it. Schools minister also said that they are also committed to increase school budget even more. The fact however is that government has failed to implement its election promise of extra £1bn spending to further boost school budgets.

Shadow education Secretary Ms Rayner and her team has presented more than 100 written questions that were based on each education pledge in Conservative election manifesto. Government thinks that scrapping this free school meal would help it save around £650m. In the manifesto, government also pledged to introduce free breakfasts to all primary school children but that is not happening in reality today. These meals were a great support for Nursing Essay too.

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The government need to properly fund all our Schools. Most schools are facing very significant real term cuts per pupil. The government should continue to fund free school meals for infants, and should offer free breakfasts for many too. Many children should also receive a free lunch in junior classes and secondary schools. jn0-343 study guide