Nice Ads!!!

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Please, guys, are we getting into wisdom? We need money to live but the converse is false. We do not live to make money, thus and therefore, think of the conditional and life could open up. Stop just repeating other people's words. Think and rationalize, then make a conclusive statement. The power of money is limited to those who wield it just as a sword is only as effective as it's wielder. Money can be conserved, money can be manipulated, and finally, money can be spent. This is buisness and remember, life's purpose is happiness. Think on this and please, guys, end of discussion! :)

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The ads are still pretty weird whenever I go onto it and usually dating websites pop up which is weird.

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I find that the advertising maybe could be put in a better way, somehow less annoying, but I know they need money, but maybe there can be a modification to not have the ads be so big?