Orten'zia Globe Ceiling Light by Terzani

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I'm a bit moonstruck by the glitz of this globe lamp!
Orten'zia Globe Ceiling Light by Terzani

In its round, contemporary form the Terzani Orten'zia Globe Ceiling Light recalls the natural beauty of a flower. This stunning "bouquet" features a shade of hand-soldered metal petals, which creates a shimmering, organic play of light across the ceiling and all around a space. Available finished in Nickel or 24K Gold Plate. Designed by B. Rainaldi.

OMG, Moonstruck Baby > Zebra Globe Lamp by Viso
Animal prints coupled with geometric globe = Ah!
Zebra Globe Lamp by Viso

Bring a pop of life to the house with the Viso Zebra Globe Lamp. Unlike other lamps, the silver lines of the Zebra in partnership with a globe-like form create a surprisingly elegant design. Take advantage of levels in a house typically glossed over by placing the Zebra Lamp on the floor versus a table. Features a polycarbonate shade and polished steel.

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