Similarities between Laravel and WordPress:

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WordPress and Laravel can assist you in developing highly functioning websites that provide an excellent user experience and have admin panels that are easy to administer.
Laravel is worth looking at if you have more difficult needs to meet and if you want to create bespoke web apps backed by a large amount of documentation.
Themes serve as the foundation for most WordPress websites. However, this does not preclude users from developing their themes from scratch or modifying pre-existing themes to meet their specific requirements.

In addition to this, the following are features shared by WordPress and Laravel:

Include web technologies that are open-source and free.
Use the Hypertext Preprocessor as their foundation (PHP)
Both are quick and adaptable.
Structured using an object-oriented platform.
Include helpful online communities
WordPress operates on a theme-based structure with a plugin architecture (there are more than 57,000 WP plugins, such as plugins for blog-based businesses). In contrast, Laravel has customizable features and packages and reusable sets of PHP libraries. Everything is customized in both Laravel and WordPress, but Laravel is more flexible regarding the types of customizations.