Toko Modern Fastpay Solusi Belanja Online Tanpa Transfer

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Hello friends all are cool and always thirsty for information. Finally after quite a long ga doodling on the blog because of the darling of the mainland world, now Syams appear again. The appearance of this time is not just an ordinary appearance, but it comes with cool info and definitely tempting for friends

PPOB is a payment mechanism that cooperates with banking (BANK) that is connected in real time online, so that data reconciliation happens very quickly with accurate data accuracy. Simply put, the company that has the customer cooperates with the banking party in terms of bill payment. And for the data itself is very accurate because it has been connected online and real time.

Fastpay, an online prepaid business under PT Bimasakti Multi Sinergi, a payment gateway payment switching company, is ready to face competition with the opening of the free trade era of ASEAN region or known by the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA).

CEO of PT Bimasakti Multi Sinergi Ibnu Sunanto said the strategy to face the competition of MEA is by strengthening the service.

Fast Pay is one of the companies that provide billing payment services for household needs, be it credit financing, electricity bill, cable TV, credit card, or ticket payment Railway.

The advantages of the FastPay Solusi Belanja Online system are providing Train Ticket and FIF Flexible purchases and mobile payment systems using SMS transactions via your Mobile. For ABM EzyPay member, please update product data information provided by FasPay.

It is a PPOB business service that enables people to open counter ONLINE payments such as PLN electricity, Phone, Speedy, Credit card, Cable TV, Pulses, Multifinance Credit, KA Ticket, etc easily, cheap but still with the support of reliable technology and business system flexible and profitable.

Some excess list of FASTPAY

Terms easy and simple.
The initial capital is very light.
Business can be run with a counter or mobile system.
Can be run by anyone. Does not require specific certification.
Minimal deposits are very small so that will not be a burden for the beginner businessman.
Clusterless networking networks can cover the entire archipelago. This makes transactions possible anywhere in Indonesia.
24 Hour transaction service without pause, making access to inquiries or customer complaints can be handled at any time quickly.
Supported reliable technology and qualified human resources, so as to ensure the security of deposit and handling of transactions professionally
Using a downline system that makes business easier to market so passive income is easier to obtain.
Potential bonuses (Fee) offered are very potential.
Web Report application provided is very detailed and complete.
And many more other advantages.

Toko Modern FASTPAY Solusi Belanja Online Tanpa Transfer - Business Center launched Lion Parcel Expedition service in cooperation with Lion Group, with a logistics delivery network that has reached Indonesia and overseas.

Lion Parcel has a network and operational supported fleet of aircraft that can reach to almost all airports in Indonesia and has a ground operational fleet for the distribution of goods and documents.

In order to welcome the 2017 Lebaran season, Sentra Bisnis FASTPAY (SBF) will soon launch a ticket booking service PELNI ship that can be enjoyed by TOMO FASTPAY Outlets all over Indonesia.

PELNI is the largest Indonesian inter-island inter-island transport operator serving 95 passenger vessel ports, 300 piloting vessels and has 46 branches across Indonesia, and operates 26 passenger ships and 46 pioneer vessels.
SBF opens opportunities for TOMO FASTPAY outlets to become PELNI ship reservation outlets, where you will benefit greatly from the fee of each ticket sale.

If you want to try to transact via HP, then you have to buy a mini printer device to print the payment receipt, as shown in the picture beside.

With this system, hopefully payment of bills where you live do not have to queue anymore.

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Thanks its really Good and Very beneficial Payment Method Now a days everybody want a Secured payment Method So here it is. Thanks buddy.!!!!!!

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