Top University Attacked by a “Ransomware”

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One of the leading university of the world, University College London has become victim of a major cyber-attack. The university has described this attack to be a ransomware attack similar to last month’s cyber-attack that threatened NHS computer systems. This attack happened on Thursday which resulted in restricting access to online networks. This has also lead to damaging Best coursework writing service UK by the students.

University has warned staff and students about the risk of data loss and has called it a very “substantial disruption”. However University College London also cleared that university has a center of excellence in cyber security research and has a very good and effective monitoring service. As per latest rankings, University College London was ranked among top 10 last week. At first this attack was blamed on some “phishing” emails but later it was blamed that it was likely because of contact with some “compromised” website. Someone clicking on a pop up page of this website might have been the reason behind spread of this infection and this attack.