Toyota Hilux Vigo 2022 Price in Pakistan

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The Toyota Hilux has been around since quite a long time now- its first generation was introduced in 1968, the second generation released in 1972, the third generation in 1978, the fourth generation in 1983, the fifth in 1988, the sixth in 1997, the seventh generation in 2004, and finally, the 8th generation, which is the current generation of the Toyota Hilux, was launched after 2015.

Ever since its first introduction in South Africa in 2016, the 8th generation Toyota Hilux has been the epitome of utter strength, stealth and power. The current generation Hilux may have dominated the automobile SUV and trucks industry for years but now it has evidently begun to face a slightly threatening competition. In order to come up to the mark and beat that competition, the Toyota Hilux has had to undergo some major changes and alterations that have no doubt helped it make it back to the top.