Underwater Claw

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Jesus Arzapalo
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Does anybody have an idea of what type of material, please don't say LEGO, that I could use to build an underwater claw. We already ordered a servo, the HS-646WP. I just need a base material for the actual claw.

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try reading about already existing claws.. i believe you can learn a lot from their description..for example at sparkfun.com/products/retired/11524 MKII s described and there're some comments.. although it may not be of much help but it will give you some ideas..at least such a way always give me idea and if i'm stuck checking domydissertation.org somehow helps to get by creativity block or whatever it is called..

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What is the specialty of this underwater claw? I want to know the details. it would be better if you share the details on the site so that I can learn more about this claw and its specialties. So share the details on the site as soon as possible. bestwholesaletablets.com

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I gave my father an underclaw gift at last father's day using the Father's day coupons at reecoupons.
It was of really good quality and it is still as new as i bought in usage. You can find it now too.