Watch this: quadrocopters perform amazing pole-catching acrobatics (via The Verge)

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Jeremy Rand
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The numerous quadcopter fans in the Botball scene will find this video awesome.

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Ben jamin'
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Oh wow! I just watched it, it took my breathe away! I remember as a child dreaming about robots and how I wanted to build a robot, now seeing this takes me back to my childhood. I have not toyed with the quad copter, yet I have seen a handful of my classmate work with it. It is very impressive to see a program to do such an amazing task. Anyway this is crazy cool!

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I've seen a talk on Ted explaining some of the control algorithms and it shows some actions even more impressive than balancing a pole. One such example is unbalancing half of the quadcopter. I would post a link but the spam filter won't let me post a link. But, go on Ted and search "robots that perform like athletes" it will expand your horizon and blow your mind.

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That is so cool. I have never dreamed of something so cool and awesome. Props to the programmer who did all of this.