What is the Basic Skills to Design a Logo:

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This is Saif Yasir, a professional web designer in Karachi as of late I have started to work with business website making, digital marketing, etc, I have the experience of 3 years in a similar field yet don't have much information about the logo designing strategies, as of late I enlisted some designing internees to plan the websites and logo as well so I require some fundamental tips and traps to do the logo designing works.

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To inform you yasirsaif172, I really appreciate your time and effort in sharing the services you are offering to us. I'm sure you have done lots of websites already. If may I, can I see some of those? I really like to see how great your designs are. Anyway, while I was waiting for your reply. I will continue to read this article about hotel & resort management games you can play on PC. I really addicted to this kind of game.