What Makes a Business Logo Design Effective

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Business Logo Design should be very industry specific, but there are also elements that generally make a logo well. Here are 10 main points that every logo designer should remember when they make a logo.

Communicate your brand values
Match style to the industry
Strive for simplicity
Be unforgettable
Aim for a long logo life
Make sure the design is flexible
Design for your customer, not for yourself
Be unique
Make your message clear
Look for eye-catching imagery

Other considerations should be the use of negative space, color, typography, and cleverness.

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It should be a combination of corporate colors, simple fonts and precise graphics.

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A good logo is distinct, relevant, practical, graphic, and simple in appearance, and it communicates the owner's intended message. A logo should be able to be reproduced at any size and, in most situations, be effective even when it is not coloured. A great logo is made up of two elements: a great concept and a fantastic execution.

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You should make logo creative and you logo should describe your services & products. Logo should be catchy and interesting so that people wait and see logo.

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