What is Tibetan Sand Mandala?

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"Mandala” originated from Indian Buddhism and is used as a map where the Buddhist deities and relatives gather.

According to Tibetan Buddhism tradition, in order to prevent the intrusion of demons or non-Buddhists, practitioners used to draw a boundary circle or build an earthen altar at the practice site and set a Tathāgata statue on it. This represents Buddha and his true merits and virtues that are perfect and full without any deficiency. Later, the altar set and the boundary line were called mandalas.

The Tibet sand paintings the Buddhist ritual implements, and the deities’ palace, and the structure of the Buddha-field, constructing in three-dimensional or two-dimensional geometric shapes.

Exquisite Sand MandalaThe mandala symbolizes the so-called "governance". The opposite of "governance" is "chaos". Severe weather, physical illness, desolate land, barbaric people, and non-Buddhists country are all "chaos." By building a “mandala”, which can represent almost all real or spiritual things, such as a human body, a temple, a palace, a city, a piece of land, an idea, an illusion, or a political structure, "chaos" will change to "governance". As per the above Buddhist tradition, everything in the world is generated from a mandala model, but it is just invisible to naked eyes. For example, Tibet can be considered as a "mandala" centered in Lhasa and surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Similarly, Lhasa can be considered as a “mandala” centered on the Jokhang Temple. The Jokhang Temple itself can also be considered as a “mandala” centered on the main altar. The political structure of Tibet is a "mandala" too, centered on the Dalai Lama and surrounded by other living Buddhas.

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