Why Facebook Doesn’t Like More Than 20% Text In The Ad?

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It is something that my seniors failed to make me understand. Why doesn't Facebook like more than 20% text in the ad? I am relatively new in social media marketing, and already I have dozens of questions to ask with Mark. Why I have to limit my text to 20% only in the ad. I don’t think that audience even read the descriptive part as they read the image in general. Moreover, the Facebook even charge us on this.

Recently I was initiating an ad for a online dissertation help providing company, and because this is writing company, then I have to write a lot of text in it to show their strength in the vocabulary and sentence structuring. You cannot convince the audience of the business like writing just with some interesting image with only 20% text on it. Maybe you would be creative enough to produce one or two ads which could drive some traffic or even genuine leads, but you cannot do that every day in and out.

This is my question to every social media marketing expert out there that why Facebook only allow 20% text and how they can produce a quality ad for the client whose business is writing.

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Under Facebook's new rules, an advertisement won't be by and large rejected on the off chance that it contains over 20% content, yet it will have its achieve restricted Coursework Writing Service now and again fundamentally. Rather than utilizing a Run or Reject.

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