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Personally, I'm not a fan of writing. I've been anxious about writing this article which was given by my PR firm and was recommended by my marketing buddies who suggested I blog about 3 years ago. As a result, I started my podcast, featuring and A Short and hosted it as an event, and also told stories of other people.

Thinking about my own thoughts on a particular topic and struggling to find words to communicate these thoughts to others has 3d movie makeroften resulted in miscommunications and misunderstandings. It makes me feel like I've failed. Perhaps I failed. However, I am here to write about why I decided to pursue storytelling and filmmaking as a form of expression instead of writing. As a filmmaker, I produce documentary films and narrative films composed by other writers.

The slightest interruption like a phone call or notification or my girlfriend walking in completely frightens me. I find it takes about 15-20 minutes to develop the flow of my thoughts. As when I start writing, someone comes in , says hello, and I'm confused. I'm going to need to take some time to rest and reset.

However I am a huge fan of media consumption. I enjoy helping enhance an idea. Finding the most valuable elements in artwork and enhancing them to convey the strongest emotional value. That's the reason I started my career in filmmaking as a editor and director.

As a director , I read the writings of others, let the story flow over me, and then give feedback. When I'm ready for planning scenes, I'm absorbing horror movie directors
the words of someone else and projecting what I'm thinking about on screen, much like I do in my short film Prologue In this, I worked with the incredible writer Piper Wire.

As editor, I work both in the areas of narrative as well as documentary. However, in both instances I'm looking at the captured moments of video and audio, and getting rid of unnecessary information and organizing a more concise description of the content recorded within the medium.

This is the kind of work I love. The reason is that my strengths include the process of consuming information and reorganizing it. Understanding the motivation behind the information I consume, and repurposing it into an organized manner that is new.
At school, I was studying statistics and media history. I am a fan of films like the one by Ava DuVernay's 13th that rehearses an historical essay that combines performance of spoken words, music scores, and contests to clarify the concept.

This is Robin I belong to U.S.A. I am passionate with acting and singing. I want to join a documentary production company to polish myself in my passion. I played lots of role in dramas and short film but I think I should act and dance in malevolent produ