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Marketing is evolving at an alarming rate. The Future of Digital Marketing Career used to be about creating creative slogans for ads in newspapers or television. Today, it is highly technical and technology-driven. Data analysis tools and sophisticated real-time understanding of audience behavior have become the norms.

What does this mean for future marketing jobs?

Some truths remain: While audiences are increasingly moving into virtual spaces and what Deloitte refers to as "digital campfires", marketers need to still focus on human connections.

One example is the popularity of video game marketing. Coke launched its "pixel-flavored" limited edition coke in virtual form in Fortnite's special island. Its campaign was based on the same principles as one in real-life, and aimed to inspire excitement and engage people.

Marketers can achieve success in their careers if they build strong relationships with their audience and their colleagues. Marketers must be able to find creative solutions to unexpected problems in an industry that is increasingly lean and agile.