It is also possible to be on the lookout for the 2K Support

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It is also possible to be on the lookout for the 2K Support Twitter feed, which will contain updated information on the game , as well as any other potential mistakes to keep an eye on.

It's all you need be aware of when it comes to fixing Error Code 4B538E50 on NBA 2K23. To learn more about the basketball juggernaut, make sure to look over the material below. For other scenarios, you can consult our numerous tutorials on how to do the pick and roll, how to fake passes, and also how contest decisions to make your NBA 2K23 experience even better.

This is surely a new record? Pre-loads are rolling into NBA 2K23 on the PS5 version of NBA 2K23. and the game weighs in at nearly 143GB. This means that it will take up just under a third of the space available on a new console, assuming you haven't installed an additional SSD yet. The basketball simulator is known for its large install sizes that typically top out around the 100GB mark.

The 2016 release is rather large, but fair enough It also includes a Michael Jordan-themed campaign mode, with documentary-style interludes. Additionally, it has several commentary teams for its age suitable Franchise mode which means that the play-by play changes as you progress through the years.

However, even though it's an overwhelming package, 2K Sports is going to have to bring these file sizes down as they go forward. In the present, though, this game is truly a beast If you're planning to play on launch day Make sure you put aside some time to download the game. In all likelihood, you're going to need it!
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