A Look Inside the KIPR Link

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Hello everybody,

I am currently in the midst of developing a comprehensive "hacking" guide for the KIPR Link. Let me know what we can do to improve this document's readability and helpfulness. This document (or a variant of it) will also be published and presented at GCER 2013 in Norman, OK, so feel free to ask me a question in person there if you'd like.

Still a work in progress.

Here is the document's repository with graphviz and LaTeX sources. Feel free to fork the repo and submit improvements!

Here is the latest compiled PDF

Braden McDorman

Developer of the KIPR Link, KISS IDE, KIPR's 2D Simulator, and CBCJVM.

Reach me at bmcdorman(cat)kipr(dog)org where (cat)=@ and (dog)=. if you need assistance of any kind.

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Thanks, hacking is one of my greatest hobbies...